Biofluorescent Sea Turtle Discovered!

(via National Geographic) This beautiful biofluorescent hawksbill sea turtle was spotted by scientists off the coast of the Solomon Islands in late July 2015. This dive marked the first time that biofluorescence had been observed in marine reptiles. I hope these luminous little buddies stick around long enough for us to learn more about them, as they are critically endangered, due […]

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Turban Chic: Malick Sidibé’s Mali

I’d juuuuust been introduced to Malick Sidibé’s work about a week ago, and today he passed away at the age of 80. Via Jack Shainman Gallery: “Malick Sidibé was a photographer known for his black-and-white images chronicling the exuberant lives and culture, often of youth, in his native Bamako, Mali in the 1950s, ‘60s, and […]

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Illustrations Show Which Muscles Are Stretched in Yoga Poses

Ever wondering which muscles are being primarily stretched in a particular yoga pose? I definitely have. I’ve been moving into a more physical hatha-based practice this year, and with this has come a desire to better understand yogic anatomy. These illustrations by Vicky Timón and James Kilgallon are quite helpful! Click here to see the complete set […]

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Spring Sprung! Suspended Garden by Rebecca Louise Law

Via Colossal: “To celebrate spring, London-based artist Rebecca Louise Law has placed 30,000 live flowers in the atrium of German shopping and recreation center Bikini Berlin, suspending a colorful garden above the heads of the store’s visitors with copper wire. The deconstructed floral arrangement was…designed to be an installation that would dry over the time of its […]

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Earth Clinic – A Holistic Healing Resource

This one’s present-tense relevant, as I’ve been variously under the weather lately. For the past several years, I’ve been able to cure myself of most minor ailments holistically, thanks to Earth Clinic. They have an extensive database of ailments and user testimonials that provide the details of their own effective remedies. After a few minutes […]

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South Africa’s Prison Freedom Project Teaches Yoga to Inmates

I teared up a little while watching this…. This comes from an article on Take Part: “Since 2010, the Prison Freedom Project has introduced yoga classes in prisons all over South Africa, a country that has the third-highest ratio of prisoners to population in the world……Implementing yoga is an effort to limit recidivism rates by helping students manage […]

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Bioluminescent Glow-Worm Cave Photos by Joseph Michael

Bioluminescence is an oft-mentioned topic here at Solid Glow HQ, but glow-worms have yet to make such a prominent appearance. Maybe this resonates so deeply with me because I loved the heck out of my Glow-Worm doll when I was a lil’ one, or maybe it’s simply because THIS WORLD IS MAGIC and these naturally illuminating […]

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Siri Rishi Kaur Interview in Revolt Magazine

My friend, veteran Kundalini teacher, fellow goddess-gatherer and bright light of Harlem Siri Rishi Kaur was interviewed by neon art-warrior Katie Cercone of radical transnational queer feminist art collective Go!Push Pops for Revolt Magazine. Here are a few of my favorite excerpts but the whole thing is worth a read, especially if you are curious about Kundalini […]

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On Flow

While houseguesting in Berkeley, California this winter, I was poking around my host’s bookshelves and found a book with a simple monosyllabic title (a marked contrast to the author’s indecipherable name). I got about halfway through Flow by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi (pronounced chik-sent-mi-hai) before I had to reluctantly move on to my next destination. I spent […]

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Yoga Basics: Cat Cow

Cat-Cow is a simple and gentle way to warm up the spine. In the video below, the lovely Chia-Ti Chiu provides detailed instructions on how to do Cat-Cow, explains the many benefits, and demonstrates the kriya. Try it with her! (Photo by Taner Ceylan)

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diet post 8.12.13

10 Tips to Stick to Your Diet

And by “diet”, I mean your optimal nourishment plan, not some fad nonsense. This one comes directly from Health Haven: Excuse: “Vegetables Taste So ‘Blah’ When I Make Them” Solution: The major mistakes people make when preparing vegetables are overcooking and underseasoning. Whether you steam, sauté, or grill, cut back a little on your usual cooking time […]

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Bravo Pancino!!

Oh, this video! Someone’s been reading my diary…. I intend to teach yoga in Italian some day. This helps. Plus, that DOG! Pancino (meaning “tummy”) is a FLAWLESS chihuahua name. L’uomo non è niente male neanche. Mi piace tutti di questo!

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The Other Person is You: A Dispatch from Summer Solstice 2013

Writer/journalist/yogini Sarah Miller has written a comprehensive recollection of her inaugural experience at the largest annual gathering of kundalini yogis, the 3HO Summer Solstice. The full piece can be found here. Heartily endorsed if you want a peek into the way of life at the 3HO Summer Solstice retreat. I haven’t been since 2010 and […]

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For All the New Graduates

……and for anyone, really. A healthy reminder of our human volition, courtesy of a longtime fave, the dear departed David Foster Wallace. This video by The Glossary takes a portion of the audio from a famous 2005 commencement speech Wallace made at Kenyon College and sets it to visuals and music, to heartswelling effect.   […]

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Rhythm is the Answer

“Rhythm is your personal virtue. Your life will not have all good times, but if your rhythm is perfect, you can go through it very nicely. All depends upon how rhythmic you are; how rhythms serve you and how you keep your rhythm going through all attacks, outside and inside. Life is a challenge and […]

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Transcendent Music: Mountains – “Centralia”

As Blurt so aptly states, “Mountains composes the soundtrack to dreams you didn’t know you had.” (via Thrill Jockey) The longstanding duo of Koen Holtkamp and Brendon Anderegg have just blessed us with a new record! The album’s title “Centralia” shares its name with a long-abandoned Pennsylvania mining town that’s now home only to a […]

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Captured In Asia: Photos by Sir Richard Bishop

American avant-guitarist, record label co-founder and renaissance man Sir Richard Bishop started a Tumblr on Christmas Day, sharing images from his travels eastward. It appears he’s got an excellent eye AND ear. Presumably the rest of his sensory organs are similarly advanced. More here. It’s definitely worth a good long look. For an immersive experience, […]

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Turban Chic: Paul Poiret

 (Woman’s Turban, 1911, courtesy of LACMA) I know I know, we’ve been talking turbans for over a year, and I am just now getting around to covering The Man himself, the O.G. of 20th century westernized turban appropriation (and arguably the most important and influential figure in the history of modern women’s fashion), the one […]

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Neon-Lit Blown Glass Human Organs (and more!) by Jessica Lloyd-Jones

Via Colossal: “Anatomical Neon is a series of blown glass lights by North Wales-based artist Jessica Lloyd-Jones meant to focus attention on how energy is used by the human body”. God I LOVE these: Her latest work, entitled “Aura“, pushes her energetic exploration even further: “Aura” explores the development of the electromechanical machine to the […]

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The Seven Steps to Happiness

(Photo by Camdiluv) Let’s first break it down in list form: 1. COMMITMENT builds 2. CHARACTER gives you 3. DIGNITY brings you to 4. DIVINITY bestows 5. GRACE allows you the 6. POWER TO SACRIFICE yields 7. HAPPINESS First, we must become men and women of our word. Take on responsibilities and follow through. No […]

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Chakras: A Brief Introduction

(via Collage Calamity) THE LOWER TRIANGLE: First Chakra —– Muladhara —– Earth —– Security & Survival LOCATION: The end of the spine between the anus and sex organs ORGAN/GLAND: Organs of elimination COLOR: Red QUALITIES: Grounded, centered, secure, loyal, stable. Healthy functions of elimination SHADOW: Fear, insecurity, life as burden, feeling excluded, weak constitution, elimination […]

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Bronze Meditation Sculptures by Sukhi Barber

(via Colossal) Bronze sculptures by UK artist Sukhi Barber who spent twelve years in Kathmandu, Nepal studying Buddhist philosophy and lost-wax bronze casting. From her website: Sukhi’s sculptures are intended to bridge the cultures of East and West. Embodying the peace and compositional balance of ancient devotional art, they represent complex philosophical ideas with a […]

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