Happy Black Water Snake New Year!!

It is 2013, we are in the Aquarian Age, the Flying Star positions are back to the original Lo Shu, and there are auspicious signs all over the place!! This is the year of the Black Water Snake, according to Chinese Five Element astrology (though the actual New Year is ushered in with the first full moon in February, in this case the 4th, and is celebrated a week later, on the 10th).

The snake is the most enigmatic, intuitive, introspective, refined and collected of the Animals Signs. The element of Water is characterized with mobility, dynamism, and changeability. Water’s influence on the snake makes this year a good time to take on new things, educate yourself, and open up new doorways. Travel to new places and unlock hidden secrets from within yourself, the most unexpected and creative ideas will be rewarded. Relationships tend to intensify during this year, becoming closer and deeper.

Sounds pretty great so far, right? Well…..

The color of Water in the Five Elements system is related to Black, the color that symbolizes unpredictability and mystery. The Black Snake will bring people unexpected changes, instability, and changeability. That is why it is important in the year of Snake to plan everything beforehand, and evaluate adequately before taking any actions. You need to be more careful and cautious than ever. Water snake years have historically been associated with revolutions and uprisings, so expect turbulence.

Okaaaaay, not easy, but still navigable, especially for us Aquarian warriors. And God knows the current state of humanity and our planet could some massive change.

This is the year to make headway in slow and methodical ways. The Water element is emotive, compassionate and perceptive. By tuning in to your intuition, you can detect changes that can’t be perceived with the naked eye. For the Year of the Black Water Snake, astrologers recommend going at a “snake’s pace”, and given the water influence, adopting a “go with the flow” attitude. Transformation will be a strong theme. It’s time to shed your old skin. 2013 will be a year to take chances, make new discoveries and truly flourish.

We can handle that, right?? Let’s do this, people. 2013!!!!!!!!

(Illustration by Lena Sokol)