Two More U.S. Airports Open Yoga Rooms

It has been almost a year since San Francisco International opened America’s first airport yoga room, and now more airports are following their lead! The yoga room in the Dallas/Fort Worth airport (above),  open since July,  is located at Terminal D at Gate D40 and is stocked with yoga mats, hand sanitizer, and a yoga DVD playing on the overhead TV. Burlington, Vermont‘s just opened this month, and in an unprecedented move, is sponsored by local studio Evolution Yoga, and was helped along with donations from area businesses, resulting in no cost to the airport. Inside the small-ish room, there are pillows, mats and instructions for newbies. The room is open to all passengers and airport employees alike. I think we can now safely call this a trend. More please! (Seriously JFK…)

(top photo via Stuck at the Airport)

One thought on “Two More U.S. Airports Open Yoga Rooms

  • What a great idea! Yes, please more and not only in the US but Europe too! No surprise San Francisco is the pioneer – I’d expect to open one in Amsterdam too 😉

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