Astarius Miraculii – “Spirit Rap”

I’d been working my way through the XLR8R podcast archive, and was listening to a mix by the Crystal Ark. It opened with some soothing ocean sounds, then a (surely magical) man began reciting this prayer/affirmation/mantra with majestic intonation and absolute certitude. WHAT? IS? THIS? Why had I not heard it before? How is he praying for everything I want? Ladies and gentlemen, I give you “Spirit Rap”:

It was created and recorded 13 years ago by musician, Reiki master, astrologer, radio show host,  and self-proclaimed “ascension ambassador” Astarius Miraculii. In his own words, “This Music has been Created to take Us to the Next Level. Welcome to The MIRACLE OF SOUND!”

(photo by Celestine Star)

Suppose I can do without the cricket sounds, but I otherwise love the Spirit Rap. I might play it daily from now on, see what manifests.