Bioluminescent Glow-Worm Cave Photos by Joseph Michael

Bioluminescence is an oft-mentioned topic here at Solid Glow HQ, but glow-worms have yet to make such a prominent appearance. Maybe this resonates so deeply with me because I loved the heck out of my Glow-Worm doll when I was a lil’ one, or maybe it’s simply because THIS WORLD IS MAGIC and these naturally illuminating creatures provide a prime example.

New Zealand-based photographer Joseph Michael used long-exposure techniques to create a photo series that captures a native species of bioluminescent glowworms in an ancient cave. In his words:

“Arachnocampa luminosa is a species of glow-worm endemic to the island nation of New Zealand. These long exposure photographs were captured in a number of limestone caves in the North Island. The 30 million year old formations form a majestic backdrop to the bioluminescence of the glow-worms.”

Check out more photos below, and at the project’s website. Eeeeeeeeee!