Solid Glow is a high-vibe hub, a curated channel for those who grow and glow. It starts with yogic wisdom and expands to include content that may inspire creativity, help healing or simply warm hearts.


Everyone is creative. Having open access to your creativity can help not only in art, but in life at large. I aim to assist in the definitive recognition and cultivation of such capabilities, utilizing yoga, meditation, and sound therapy to design a personalized path to mental, physical, and spiritual development.


Solid Glow is the creation and loving labor of Elaina Morgan. Born and raised near Chicago, Elaina began her study of movement awareness at a very young age, having spent most of her first decade as a serious gymnast. Yoga was first discovered in Bloomington, Indiana in 2001, where she immersed herself in study, creativity, and community before definitively moving to New York in 2008. She has been fortunate enough to study with Hari Kaur and Mahan Kalpa Singh, among many others and has most prominently served the creative communities of Bushwick, Brooklyn by holding a weekly class at the Body Actualized Center.

Elaina is KRI-certified to teach Kundalini Yoga. This is her foundational methodology, then she draws from other yogic traditions and holistic modalities, including hatha yoga, sound therapy & vibrational healing. She teaches private and small-group lessons as well as public classes. Elaina currently resides in Brooklyn, where she works as a musician, designer, technician and artist, producing solo creations under the moniker The Lazarus Reflex, and working with an ever-expanding circle of collaborators. She believes that yoga is for everyone and strives to serve and share with awareness, patience and grace.


(photos/drawings by Pranav Sankar, Cornelia Popp, Harold Bishop, formulapuff, and me)