Turban Chic: Advanced Style

First off, I must publicly declare my love for Ari Seth Cohen‘s blog Advanced Style. He’s got a great eye, and takes lovely photos. What’s most impressive to me though is his devotion to the depiction of beauty with a sense of depth, the kind that only comes from a life well-lived. So many aspects of modern American mass culture relentlessly encourage the ridiculously impossible pursuit of eternal youth, which is not only exhausting and offensive, but downright poisonous. Along with aging comes the accumulation of knowledge, the cultivation of satisfying relationships. and an experientially-derived stockpile of wisdom. Doesn’t that sound better than an inescapable inferiority complex and a mountain of cosmetic surgery bills? Ay!

I also love turbans because they look fantastic on people of all ages. These elegant ladies are absolutely owning their looks.

All photos are from a turban-centric post on Advanced Style from October 2011. The full image gallery and original post can be viewed here. Enjoy!