Transcendent Music: Future Shuttle

Admittedly, I am late to this party. The Brooklyn-based Future Shuttle has been “channeling the auditory connections between meditative mantras and nû-age primitivism since the Spring of 2009”. I want to do my part to send this far and wide, as the world can definitely use more beautifully-crafted lysergic kosmiche jams.

Here’s a little bio, via Holy Mountain:

“Future Shuttle is a Greenpoint, NYC-based duo (sometimes trio) comprised of Jessa Farkas and Camilla Padgitt-Coles. Prior to the group’s early 2009 conception, the pair studied electronic music at Oberlin College alongside their friends in Blondes and Teengirl Fantasy. Blondes member Sam Haar also produced the Water’s Edge EP, the group’s first officially released recording. In Future Shuttle’s beautifully dense brew of psychedelic reprogramming, Tangerine Dream meets the KLF at the UFO Club, and their three-track debut layers distant chants, drones and throbbing, time-frozen strings on top of each other, swelling gradually to a pining, beautifully textured crescendo. As Visitation Rites put it recently: “Discover their mile-long pillow-scapes in higher resolution, revealing an attention to texture and dynamic variation that can only come from losing track of time inside the studio, trapped inside your own spell.”

They’re also long-standing allies of the Body Actualized collective, having provided the dreamy soundbed for many a Vibes Management/Cosmic Yoga event. They will be the first to sonically christen the new and improved Body Actualized Center at the grand opening party on Saturday, March 24. They play at 5pm.

Visit their Bandcamp page for more sattvic soundtracks. Water’s Edge accompanied my morning sadhana today. Bliss!

For static visual accompaniment, head to the Future Shuttle Tumblr. You’ll find images like this:


And this:

And this:

Or experience sound + vision with some YouTube action:

(top photo courtesy of Impose Magazine)