Tao Porchon Lynch: 93 Year-Old Yoga Master

“Keep up and you will be kept up”. I thought of this well-known Yogi Bhajan quote immediately after viewing these photos of the incredible Tao Porchon Lynch. She’s certainly kept up, still a devoted yogini after over 70 years of practice and 45 years of teaching. If she can do it, we can do it!

Via Elephant Journal:

“Master Tao Porchon Lynch, a 93-year-old yoga master, ballroom dancer, oenophile (lover of wine) and former actress and model will be inducted into the Guinness Book of World Records for being the oldest living yoga teacher—this Sunday, May 13, Mother’s Day. Inspiration beyond comprehension.”

All photographs were taken in Central Park by Robert Sturman.

“Where do I have to be? What do I have to do? Who am I not to be patient?” LOVE HER.

View the full gallery here.