Bronze Meditation Sculptures by Sukhi Barber

(via Colossal)

Bronze sculptures by UK artist Sukhi Barber who spent twelve years in Kathmandu, Nepal studying Buddhist philosophy and lost-wax bronze casting. From her website:

Sukhi’s sculptures are intended to bridge the cultures of East and West. Embodying the peace and compositional balance of ancient devotional art, they represent complex philosophical ideas with a simplicity and clarity that renders them accessible to the Western viewer. Exploring themes of hidden potentials, and the transcendence of our limiting view of a solid reality, her work often represents the negative space as being as important as the material itself, implying the dance of form and spirit, a constant state of transformation.

It also appears that the legendary chemist/LSD pioneer Albert Hoffman once commissioned Barber to make a bust in his likeness.  Visit her site to see it and much more.