Gorgeous Yoga Sand Sculpture and Time-Lapse Video

From Colossal Art and Design:

“Similar to a camera capturing multiple exposures in a single image, artist Katie Grinnan created this sculptural time-lapse of her body moving through a daily yoga routine using sand, plastic, and enamel. The end result is representative of both time and form as each split second is layered onto the last creating what is both a singular figure and many. Ginnan describes this as an exploration of “peripersonal” space. “Mirage focuses on the concept of peripersonal space, the space that your body encompasses at its most extended point in every direction, which describes the body’s potential boundary.”

More photos of her work can be seen here.

And this is a lovely time-lapse video of fellow yogini, artist, and intrepid traveler Meghan Currie doing yoga. Everything that’s beautiful becomes exponentially more poignant when set to the music of Philip Glass, no?

(more props to the All-Seeing Eye for the heads-up)