Yoga Basics: Vajrasana (Rock Pose)

(photo by Anil Sharma)

Get into a kneeling posture, with the tops of the feet on the ground. Sit back on the heels so that they are pressed squarely against the sitting bones. Rest your hands comfortably on the thighs. Center your weight on the sitting bones through the heels and into the ground. Completely releasing your weight to gravity through the sitting bones and the heels can be challenging to the tops of the feet, but the legs will feel better and the spine will be in alignment. Some people find this seated posture to be easier than others. Rock Pose is a great pose to practice after eating or when experiencing stomach discomfort because it facilitates digestion.

Though one of the intro frames of this video says “women’s exercise”, rest assured it’s a pose for everyone!

(video courtesy of Harjiwan Yoga)