Summer is Not Over Yet

(Photo by Marcel Ranier)

So we’ve reached August, and must come to terms with the fact that summer will not last forever. The sunny season is still ours for now though, so let’s make the most of it! Here are 10 humble suggestions from Solid Glow HQ.

1) Go berry-picking:

(Photo by Oka-Tai Lee)

2) Get (back) to the beach:


 (Photo by Abigail Guzman)

3) Enjoy an outdoor show:

(Photo by Bric Arts Media)

4) See that art exhibit you’ve been meaning to check out:

(Photo courtesy of the New Museum)

5) Catch up on your summer reading:

(Photo by Harlan Spinks)

6) Make a beautiful meal from the farmer’s market‘s peak season bounty:

(Courtesy of Italian Food Forever)

7) Witness a full sunset:

(Photo by Kellan)

8) Thank your body with a holistic treatment session:

(Photo by Thomas Wanhoff)

9) Take one last weekend roadtrip:

(Photo by Frank DiBona)

10) Tell that summer crush how you feel!

(Photo by Karen Horton)